Year 2015 has been very busy for us and we were talking about escaping somewhere quiet. My wife prepared superb surprise for me and book a couple of nights in the Howf. I had no idea where we going and arriving in the Craighead Farm in the dark made the arrival even more surprising.

Soon we were inside.

Small wooden cottage standing above the small stream you could hear, little chimney with cracking fire, comfy bed, small kitchen with all the cooking equipment and us in the middle of nowhere. Simple but beautifully crafted space.

Inside the Howf

Weather forecast with the “usual” high winds warning could not stop us from planning how we spend the next day. The evening continued with a nice glass of champagne and proper chill out.

I would highly recommend staying in the Howf. Have a look at Ian’s websites ( and make sure you book in advance.

We woke up after the windy night and we were surprised how much snow has fallen over night. The whole place looked like winter wonderland. We decided to walk to nearby town Braco, hoping to visit some of the local pubs. There wasn’t any pub in the village, therefore we’ve decided to jump on the bus and go explore Dumblane. We liked the cathedral and had a few drinks in the local pub.

The walk back to the farm was an adventure (Blasts of wind with the speed over 70mph mixed with the snow blowing in our faces.). After arriving back in the Howf we made a fire and had a big dinner. As the room was warming up we were getting more and more sleepy. We were soon sleeping like a babies.

We’ve had a great time and we’d definitely like to come back.