Uff, that was a busy holiday. This time we didn’t stay in one spot and visited many places including South Bohemia. Wonderful places with many lochs surrounded by a tall trees. We started at Nove Mesto nad Metuji as usual but after few days we travelled south to Ceske Velenice and nearby villages. I used to spent my summer holidays there with my grandparents but I haven’t been there since. We had a great fun here.

Trebon, Czech Republic

After we travelled to Lostice, the town of smelly cheese and visited my brother and his wife. Again, great selection of people, lots of fun and laughter.

Im’ glad we could take my dad for this trip with us, I’m sure Claudia will remember that too.

The sherry on the cake was a short visit of Prague and quick meet up with my cousin Andy.


Anyway, have a look at the pictures and enjoy.